Review: Daniel Kitson – “After the Beginning, Before the End”, Exeter Phoenix, 18th June

The moment I saw that he was playing in Exeter I was on the phone to my friend.

“Daaaaaaaaaan? You know how much you love me?”
“….What do you want?”

Despite such a reaction, he did agree to book the tickets right away – with Daniel Kitson you cannot wait even a second, otherwise everything will be sold out. This was no different: when we arrived in the Phoenix’s auditorium – a perfectly sized room of around 200 seats – it quickly filled to the gunnels and rang with an excited hum of anticipation which fizzed all the way up my body from my toes.

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Edinburgh 2013: The Build-up

Oh yeah. It has begun.

Well in perfect honesty it began a good while ago but most of the work was not being done by me. See, I have Owen, and though living together again (even if it’s only for three weeks) could be interesting, he is much better at dealing with all the actually important stuff than I am, meaning my job basically just consists of giving him money, turning up and saying things into the microphone provided. That is as far as my responsibility should ever go, I think.

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