Edinburgh 2013: The Build-up

Oh yeah. It has begun.

Well in perfect honesty it began a good while ago but most of the work was not being done by me. See, I have Owen, and though living together again (even if it’s only for three weeks) could be interesting, he is much better at dealing with all the actually important stuff than I am, meaning my job basically just consists of giving him money, turning up and saying things into the microphone provided. That is as far as my responsibility should ever go, I think.

I’m really looking forward to Edinburgh this year – it’ll be good to go back. I am a little scared to be doing stand up, admittedly, just because it’s a far more intimate medium than sketch comedy. Especially the stuff I do, which is mainly to do with my life and the mess that it became after I graduated. I’m excited to see how it goes though, and doing 11 gigs in as many days is going to be a brilliant experience.

I think the show as a whole should be pretty good actually. Me and Owen are two very different comedians in material, outlook and style, and I think that will hopefully mean that we get a nice mix of people in our audience, and can make a lot of different people laugh in our hour.

…. Having said that I haven’t really entirely sorted what I’m actually going to do out yet so maybe I should hang back on how great I think it’s going to be in the knowledge that I could very well die on my arse 11 times in a row. But Owen’s half is going to be amazing. That much I know already, so I think people should come just for that and tolerate me as a warm up.

Also we have a brilliant poster that my friend Lee Martin designed for us:

See - poster!

See – poster!

Honestly, bugger everything else, nothing really prompts the bubbly tingle of pre-Edinburgh excitement than seeing a poster with your name on it.

Yours anticipatedly,

Mabel x


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