Oh, and I nearly forgot…

… I’m off to university again! To do a masters in medieval studies as well, just like I’ve always wanted.


Love me xx


Edinburgh 2013 – (Less than) One Week to Go!

I meant to post something on Thursday, when it was officially one week until I traverse the country to the Edinburgh Fringe… buuuuuut then I was busy, by which I mean that my room was the epitome of an absolute tip and it took me all evening to clean it and by the time I was finished all I wanted to do was collapse and sleep and I will bet anything that it’ll be a total tip again in a matter of days etc etc….

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Why Study Chaucer? – A kind of informal essay type thingy…

“What makes Chaucer so… studiable?”

My friend asked me this question on a car journey on Sunday, and I didn’t give him the brilliant and comprehensive answer I think he was hoping for. This is for a few reasons, mainly revolving around the fact that we were in a car, on a Sunday, with me slightly hungover. Also involved was the fact that such an answer needs thinking about, and anything longer than the one I’d given was likely to have bored him to death. But it is a really good question. Really good. And one which does deserve a real answer. Why do all the cool kids want to study Chaucer? (Yeah, that’s right, all of us.)

chaucer and ms

Chaucer, on a tiny horse… like a boss.

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