Edinburgh 2013 – (Less than) One Week to Go!

I meant to post something on Thursday, when it was officially one week until I traverse the country to the Edinburgh Fringe… buuuuuut then I was busy, by which I mean that my room was the epitome of an absolute tip and it took me all evening to clean it and by the time I was finished all I wanted to do was collapse and sleep and I will bet anything that it’ll be a total tip again in a matter of days etc etc….

Aaaanyway, enough of that, the point is that the Fringe is getting closer and closer and I’m really excited! (Seriously, I’ve been spontaneously dancing all over the place) Though, admittedly, the NINE HOUR train journey may kill me before I get there.

It’s exciting, but it’s equally frightening, you know. It’s not the first time I’ve been at the fringe, but last time I was in a sketch group, acting. It kept my stammer in check, there were other people to share your time on stage, and most importantly I hadn’t written the whole thing on my own. This time, it’s not only my performance on show, but my writing, my art, pretentious as that sounds. And I’m scared that no one will like it. It’s not up to me to say “Well I like so that’s all that matters”, this time there will be an audience and they’ll want me to be good. Oh god.

That being said, I love Edinburgh. For the bubble of it more than anything else. It’s its own little world for a whole month where so many like-minded people are just thrown together and the results are unfailingly spectacular. I can’t wait to be part of that again, I really can’t. Not to mention that it’s going to be a properly awesome little holiday. Nearly three weeks off work – WOOHOO!

Our preview is in Penryn tomorrow night, me and Owen with Daniel Triscott MCing, and I’m  really looking forward to it. It’ll be good to have a chance to get myself in gear for the whole thing. It’ll also be good to finalise anything that needs to be done before we go!

I know this is a short one, and I’m sorry about that. But look at it this way, I promise to write often while I’m up there and tell you of any adventures! 🙂

Yours in great anticipation,
Me xx


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