Edinburgh 2013: We’ve Arrived! (And to prove it we’re here!)

I was up at 5 this morning… and my poor mother was out of the house driving me to the station at 6. A bit of rushing was involved but I got on the train and commenced my horrendously long journey. TEN HOURS. That’s too long to be doing any one thing, let alone sitting in one spot. However, I did have Dan on the train with me from Plymouth, and more importantly I had music and Minecraft – I built an ice palace! …. and I reeeeeaalllly need to sort out my priorities. I did do other, more useful things as well, bit of writing, updating my CV. I had brought a book for my uni course but, in my usual style, as soon as I have to read something, even if it’s something I like, I will do something else. Like build an elaborate palace of ice and marble in a fictional lego-style universe.

But yes, after all of this we arrived at Edinburgh Waverly and made our way to our new home for nearly three weeks. It’s really nice actually, and I have my own room which is always a bonus! Living with my ex boyfriend would, you’d think, be quite difficult but actually we both see each other as fairly easy to live with. I see living with him being a bit like having a pet that makes wisecracks. 🙂

I’m eager to get started, I have to say. I might even write some reviews while I’m here. We’re going to see our first show tonight, a free late night thing so it could be anything from awesome to shit. I’m hoping it’s more towards the top end of the scale simply because I’m the one who wanted to go and see it!

Tomorrow is the big day in which we have a load of crap to do. We have to go down to fringe central, print our posters (yeah we neglected to do that even though we have loads of flyers!), go see Falmouth & Exeter students’ Edinburgh offering (gonna be honest, having met these guys on numerous occasions in a bar in Falmouth, my hopes aren’t massively high) and meet all the other performers at our venue.  Yaaaay let the fun begin!

Yours excitedly,
Me xx


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh 2013: We’ve Arrived! (And to prove it we’re here!)

    • Yeah I’m really excited to hear you’re coming to my show! I hope I shall not disappoint, though it is a set you’ve seen most of I’m afraid… xx

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