Edinburgh 2013: Out with the clouds and the stars

We’ve just got back from the show we went to… and I’ve been thinking about it and have decided not to write reviews of anything I’ve seen. Mainly just because I think I’m too involved in all of that. Things that are good make me smile and think “Yes!” but things that attract my displeasure make me extremely disappointed. It just wouldn’t be a punter’s point of view. Equally I’m just not sure I’m brave enough to be honest about what I think because as far as I’m concerned I could be wrong or making a snap judgement. So I think this will just stay as being a blog of my personal experiences. And so I’m going to share with you the thrill of walking out in Edinburgh for the first time at the Fringe.

It being late at night always seems to just make it more brilliant. Edinburgh in the day is beautiful but Edinburgh at night, with the clouds and stars for company is an entirely different beast, beautiful and horrific all at once. Litter spills out of bins. people spill out of pubs and clubs, and vomit and piss spill out of people. It would almost be poetic were it not quite so gross. Even then, I love it. Every building is almost more ornate for the endless dance of light and shadow being played against them, and people are, though often drunk, happy and merry. And from everywhere issues the glow of lights from flat windows and welcoming pub doors that almost all stay open and welcoming until the early hours of the morning. Almost everyone is still out, looking for late night shows or popping in somewhere for a nightcap before they collapse into their beds, worn out from walking, laughter and hedonistic excess. I’m not sure why, but everything that Edinburgh is is exaggerated at night, the good and the bad, and I’m not sure that it does it any kind of disservice. The only thing that’s lessened is the number of people out on the streets, and when you are not keen on large thronging crowds – like me – that only comes as a blessed relief.

I think I have been suitably prosaic for the evening. Time for sleep: it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.

Yours shatteredly,
Me xx

PS: If you are upset that you won’t get any reviews from me, don’t despair, as I can offer you some better reviews! The…. slightly obsessive but nonetheless fantastic David Chapple and his wife Carole are up in Edinburgh seeing a stupid number of gigs as part of their year long comedy mission. Their reviews are brilliantly written and often pretty damn accurate so do check them out at http://plymouthhohoho.wordpress.com/ 🙂 xx


One thought on “Edinburgh 2013: Out with the clouds and the stars

  1. Haha – thanks for the glowing tribute. I could edit that for my CV ‘Obsessive…Stupid…often accurate (also often inaccurate)’. We shall be up there from the 11th-25th. See you on the 12th 🙂

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