Edinburgh 2013: The first show

Show day is always stressful as hell. And weirdly I don’t mind it so much. Today began with reading my set over for the millionth time. We also picked up our flyers and printed our posters, which I must say look AMAZING. Our designer Lee Martin did a really good job and I’m so grateful to him for it.



Then came time to flyer. Oh god I’d forgotten the flyering. I can recall enjoying it last time but I must have forgotten how soul-suckingly tedious it is – not to mention difficult. It’s only the third day of the Fringe and already people on the Mile are grumpy and desensitised, so goodness only knows what they’re going to be like by the end of the run…. having said this a fair few people took the flyers I was handing out, and eight of them even turned up to the show!

Then we get to the slight problem of the venue. It turns out they have bands on in the room we were going to be in, even though it’s after we’ll be on, so from tomorrow we can’t use the upstairs room we thought we were going to, and will have to be playing in a bit of downstairs,  which – though the staff are really trying their hardest to make it nice for us, putting up some curtains, moving a couple of bits and moving the stools downstairs – is REALLY not ideal. I’m pretty upset about it because the room we were in today was so good – quiet, and with loads of room where the little bit downstairs is really tiny. It’s such a shame. And today, even though we were in a good room, we didn’t have microphones, which was fairly rubbish but not the end of the world.

The audience were few, and I recommended most of them from my hour and a half of flyering. But despite the small number they were really enthusiastic and such lovely people. I got some laughs, Owen got some laughs and Dan did really well at his second go as our compere. Overall, I’m really pleased with how it went and though I’m a bit worried about how it’s going to be downstairs, at least we’ll have a microphone, and furthermore I now know that my material is okay.

Tomorrow is show two, downstairs this time – and I’ve persuaded Owen and Dan (I say persuaded, I mean begged) to come along to the Canon’s Gait with me to see Thom Tuck’s work in progress show – so excited, he’s one of my favourite comedians!

Yours relievedly,
Me. xx


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