Edinburgh 2013: Only in Edinburgh…

It’s been a busy few days. And I feel a bit of a twat for not keeping up with it because this is going to take a while to write about!

The main thing that’s been happening is that since Thursday, I’ve been busking as much as I can. Normally comedy is my escape from life, but when comedy is your life for a couple of weeks (and in a particularly stressful way as well!) you need something else to escape to, so music it is. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need the practice desperately. So on Thursday evening I took my whistle and I went to an underpass and busked away. And I had a great time! I’d forgotten how relaxing I find playing Irish trad – I missed it. And though it wasn’t really on my mind, I made a fair bit of money too, which was nice. The best bit was that Stewart Lee dropped me a pound – possibly the greatest moment of my life so far, I have to say! I went busking again on Friday and Saturday, though on Saturday I didn’t get much done because there was a group of guys who’d managed to move a three piece suite into the underpass and chalked an entire sitting room onto the ground and walls around it. It was truly a feat of artistic brilliance, and they paid me for the inconvenience they caused me, even though I did protest that they really hadn’t. They were really lovely and properly hilarious.

Friday night. Oh Friday night. We went to a show. Jonathan Prager’s show. The man, the legend, and now, the musical. Oh yes! “damaged! The Musical” – just imagine everything that that title conjures up, and really really that’s what it is. It has broken the star system. BROKEN IT.

Yours brokenly,
Me xx


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