An Open Letter to a researcher on “The Undatables”

I did a new act competition today (it was fun and Tom Taylor won the heat as he was very good). I had my set all planned out, but then something happened that made me forget all my jokes and write something entirely new in an hour. At 15.45 today, I received this facebook message out of nowhere:

Hi Mabel,

I hope you are ok.

I really hope you don’t mind me messaging you – my name is {Name Redacted] and I am a Researcher on The Undateables.  Continue reading


15 reasons to definitely not date a comedian.

Okay. So I was on facebook the other day (the way most stories start). And there, under someone’s name, was this article, written for women:

15 Reasons to date a Comedian

Now, many of you won’t want to read the article. And that is entirely justified, because it’s a load of crap. Evidence of this is surely reason #10:
 “Comedians share their life stories with strangers every night. They’re good communicators and are willing to be vulnerable with others.”

All I could think while reading it was “Well, this just isn’t right” – not only because I myself do stand up (and as a lady I resent the assumption in this article that comedians are all men), but because I also date another (more successful than myself) stand up comedian. And all that reading this article made me think is that the person writing it either a) is a comedian who’s desperate to get a girlfriend, b) has wildly idealised the idea of dating a comedian, or c) has FUCK ALL idea of what they’re talking about. Because all of these reasons that this person puts forward are negatives as well as positives. And I can tell you, unless you know exactly what you’re getting into, no one in their right mind would ever want to date a comedian ever. And here, using e-harmony’s own 15 reasons, is why: Continue reading

Edinburgh 2013: The first show

Show day is always stressful as hell. And weirdly I don’t mind it so much. Today began with reading my set over for the millionth time. We also picked up our flyers and printed our posters, which I must say look AMAZING. Our designer Lee Martin did a really good job and I’m so grateful to him for it.



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Edinburgh 2013: We’ve Arrived! (And to prove it we’re here!)

I was up at 5 this morning… and my poor mother was out of the house driving me to the station at 6. A bit of rushing was involved but I got on the train and commenced my horrendously long journey. TEN HOURS. That’s too long to be doing any one thing, let alone sitting in one spot. However, I did have Dan on the train with me from Plymouth, and more importantly I had music and Minecraft – I built an ice palace! …. and I reeeeeaalllly need to sort out my priorities. I did do other, more useful things as well, bit of writing, updating my CV. I had brought a book for my uni course but, in my usual style, as soon as I have to read something, even if it’s something I like, I will do something else. Like build an elaborate palace of ice and marble in a fictional lego-style universe.

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Review: Daniel Kitson – “After the Beginning, Before the End”, Exeter Phoenix, 18th June

The moment I saw that he was playing in Exeter I was on the phone to my friend.

“Daaaaaaaaaan? You know how much you love me?”
“….What do you want?”

Despite such a reaction, he did agree to book the tickets right away – with Daniel Kitson you cannot wait even a second, otherwise everything will be sold out. This was no different: when we arrived in the Phoenix’s auditorium – a perfectly sized room of around 200 seats – it quickly filled to the gunnels and rang with an excited hum of anticipation which fizzed all the way up my body from my toes.

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Edinburgh 2013: The Build-up

Oh yeah. It has begun.

Well in perfect honesty it began a good while ago but most of the work was not being done by me. See, I have Owen, and though living together again (even if it’s only for three weeks) could be interesting, he is much better at dealing with all the actually important stuff than I am, meaning my job basically just consists of giving him money, turning up and saying things into the microphone provided. That is as far as my responsibility should ever go, I think.

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