Edinburgh 2013 – (Less than) One Week to Go!

I meant to post something on Thursday, when it was officially one week until I traverse the country to the Edinburgh Fringe… buuuuuut then I was busy, by which I mean that my room was the epitome of an absolute tip and it took me all evening to clean it and by the time I was finished all I wanted to do was collapse and sleep and I will bet anything that it’ll be a total tip again in a matter of days etc etc….

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Edinburgh 2013: The Build-up

Oh yeah. It has begun.

Well in perfect honesty it began a good while ago but most of the work was not being┬ádone by me. See, I have Owen, and though living together again (even if it’s only for three weeks) could be interesting, he is much better at┬ádealing with all the actually important stuff than I am, meaning my job basically just consists of giving him money, turning up and saying things into the microphone provided. That is as far as my responsibility should ever go, I think.

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