Edinburgh 2013: Only in Edinburgh Part 2….

This weekend, our audience numbers picked up again after Black Wednesday. Which was a relief, as I was beginning to panic a bit. Having said this, a defining feature of our audiences seems to be their awkwardness. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly awkward, antisocial or unfriendly human, particularly not on stage, but even after Dan had warmed the crowd up and introduced me (of which he does an absolutely superb job every time) I had to work stupidly hard to even get one laugh out of them – and what’s more they didn’t build, like they usually do, so every single laugh was as hard work as the last one. Which is annoying if you’ve got any subtle jokes or are trying to build to something. After ten or fifteen minutes of this it really starts to tire you out, and though it’s nice when you get a laugh, you don’t feel you got it for the reasons you feel you should have.

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Edinburgh 2013: Black Wednesday and the concept of a “Noble Failure”…

The title for today’s blog comes from this, which I went to see for the first time tonight (image is from their website):


and oh my god it was amazing. A noble failure indeed. I honestly hurt in muscles I haven’t even been aware of the existence of since the last time I went running (it was a LONG TIME AGO). I would suggest you go see it, but the issue is that I’m extremely sure of the fact that it is for a certain type of comedy fan. And thank goodness I’m one of them. Basically, if you’re me, it’s perfect.

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Edinburgh 2013: The first show

Show day is always stressful as hell. And weirdly I don’t mind it so much. Today began with reading my set over for the millionth time. We also picked up our flyers and printed our posters, which I must say look AMAZING. Our designer Lee Martin did a really good job and I’m so grateful to him for it.



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Edinburgh 2013: We’ve Arrived! (And to prove it we’re here!)

I was up at 5 this morning… and my poor mother was out of the house driving me to the station at 6. A bit of rushing was involved but I got on the train and commenced my horrendously long journey. TEN HOURS. That’s too long to be doing any one thing, let alone sitting in one spot. However, I did have Dan on the train with me from Plymouth, and more importantly I had music and Minecraft – I built an ice palace! …. and I reeeeeaalllly need to sort out my priorities. I did do other, more useful things as well, bit of writing, updating my CV. I had brought a book for my uni course but, in my usual style, as soon as I have to read something, even if it’s something I like, I will do something else. Like build an elaborate palace of ice and marble in a fictional lego-style universe.

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Edinburgh 2013 – (Less than) One Week to Go!

I meant to post something on Thursday, when it was officially one week until I traverse the country to the Edinburgh Fringe… buuuuuut then I was busy, by which I mean that my room was the epitome of an absolute tip and it took me all evening to clean it and by the time I was finished all I wanted to do was collapse and sleep and I will bet anything that it’ll be a total tip again in a matter of days etc etc….

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Edinburgh 2013: The Build-up

Oh yeah. It has begun.

Well in perfect honesty it began a good while ago but most of the work was not being done by me. See, I have Owen, and though living together again (even if it’s only for three weeks) could be interesting, he is much better at dealing with all the actually important stuff than I am, meaning my job basically just consists of giving him money, turning up and saying things into the microphone provided. That is as far as my responsibility should ever go, I think.

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