On the AV vote and why politics should be taught in schools…

The AV referendum has been in the news so much recently that even I, a self-confessed political junkie, am beginning to get fed up of it. Every time I turn on the television or radio and it’s a news or political programme there’s a debate about AV and though it’s good that it’s getting coverage and provoking animated debate, these things are only happening inside the studio. Outside in the real world (sorry, politicians, but you don’t live in the real world) everyone is just as fed up as I am and a lot more confused.

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Things I have learned this week.


1) Pink lemonade is much stickier than normal lemonade – so don’t get it on your jeans.

2) My computer overheats and switches itself off at very inconvenient times.

3) Not having an Owen around causes despondency.

4) Sometimes it’s best not to know the things people are saying about you behind your back.

5) Onions can grow to stupid sizes.

6) I can say the word tmesis, but not the word alliteration.

7) Jesus, according to the Jehovah’s Witness leaflet shoved very politely under our door, has a David Hasslehoff haircut. Go figure.

Happiness and Light,
Mabel x