Good Intentions and All That Rubbish.

Yeah yeah, it’s been nearly a year, I’m rubbish at anything requiring any real attention and commitment, I’m full of good intentions but rarely deliver etc etc. Boyfriends have tried to make me listen to such complaints for years, I don’t need it from you people.

But yes, I am entirely rubbish at all this stuff  but I’ve decided to give it another go…. why, I’m not entirely sure but I think it’s because – though working full time has kind of taken over my life for the last few months (it’s utterly annoying, I’m like a normal non-student person now *Shockhorrordisaster!!*) I really am beginning to regain my desire/need to write things again. Anything really. Even if it’s utter crap no one will read (which I have always sincerely suspected the material of this blog to be). Besides which I’m going up to Edinburgh this year and I would hate to deprive anyone of the grand tradition (damn it I’m saying it’s a tradition) of the Fringe blog…. Continue reading